Our Businesses

Jammu Capital is a real estate investment company specializing in value-added multifamily investments in Winnipeg. Our focus is on residential properties, and our mission is to be the leading owner and operator of multifamily housing in Winnipeg while benefiting the lives of our residents, our investors, our team and every individual that touches our business.

Our performance is a function of focus, local knowledge, strong networks and deeper research through well-documented processes and systems. As a vertically integrated company, we choose to be excellent in only one field: residential investment in Manitoba.. From acquisition to management to disposition, Jammu Capital handles it all with a strong “boots on the ground” approach towards operational excellence to maximize each property’s performance potential––from day-to-day operations to divestment.

Our philosophy revolves around working in partnership with people including residents, investors and landowners. This collaborative approach has aided the success of the business with assets under management and a development pipeline. Jammu Capital’s professionalism, innovation and hands-on approach to every project ensures that we retain a strong reputation across the real estate industry.

Who We Work With