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Jammu Capital is a real estate investment company specializing in value-added multifamily investments in Winnipeg. From land acquisition, financing, construction to property and asset management, we operate across the full real estate spectrum . At Jammu Capital, our focus is on residential properties, and our mission is to be the leading owner and operator of multifamily housing in Winnipeg while benefiting the lives of our residents, our investors, our team and every individual that touches our business.

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Featured Projects

685 St. MArys - 2

St. Vital – 7 Units

May 30, 2022

Option 2_21036_163 & 165 Aubert_Plans_February 28, 2022_Image 01

St. Boniface – 32 Units

May 30, 2022

Our Services

From acquisition to management to disposition, Jammu Capital handles it all with a strong “boots on the ground” approach towards operational excellence to maximize each property’s performance potential––from day-to-day operations to divestment.

Why Choose Jammu Capital

Our performance is a function of focus, local knowledge, strong networks and deeper research through well-documented processes and systems.

Direct Leads

Through an array of lead networks, we are first to obtain and choose quality development opportunities that enable us to have an advantage in our market.

Forward Thinkers:

We strive to be at the forefront of innovating efficient open floor plans and modern design to set our products apart.

Full Transparency

Our process to acquiring, designing, developing and managing our properties are honest and transparent with our investors and joint venture partners.


We provide the opportunity to diversify by investing in an asset class with low correlation to the stock market and may offer higher yields than traditional fixed income investments.

Investor Focused

We select development opportunities that meet robust return thresholds to consistently deliver exceptional results to optimize the value of our partners assets.

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